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Moto GP 2013

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Re: Moto GP 2013

Postby Warweezil on Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:40 pm

So there we are, The end of a season which has disappointed and frustrated me, which for me seems to be a recurrent theme with motorsport :yaynot:

Boy Wonder is crowned queen of the crop :roll: Rossi has proven to be a donkey :banghead: and Cal is headed to obscurity :eek: . At this rate there wouldn't have been much to watch next year, but as I'm planning to be back on Post for the Bike testing as a season opener it probably wont matter. After Silverstone I got the feeling that like F1, all isn't as clear and open as it might be in Moto GP and the lack of a meaningful punishment for the near miss with Cal and the Marshals indicated to me that hell or high water Dorna were determined to see a "record breaking" new rider crowned this season. A lifetime as a motorsport fan has left me with a huge streak of cynicism about the way things work.

Next year - assuming I follow it - I expect to be Rossi's last season - unless the change of personnel announced this week brings a drastic improvement in form - which I doubt - it was kinda bearable when he was on the bike that it seemed most fell off of any time there was a curve in the track.... I'm waiting to see how long it is before Cal is hurt by the Duke... unless they make some breakthrough over Winter, because it seems any time that the Ducati gets very short on grip and handling if it is pushed as hard as we know Cal can push,

I just watched the last Eurosport coverage before the sport retreats behind BTs paywall. I'm hoping that the figures are bad for BT coverage, we will be looking for feeds on the net with decent commentary - I really enjoyed the Eurosport commentary team, but that is now past, and whatever I find - I am sure it wont be as entertaining as what we have been able to getup until today. It would be nice for BT to take a bath on this, but as ever the sheeple will dig deep and fork out whining all the time about overpaid sports "stars" whose obscene pay rates they fund.

BT had just got me back on a 12 month paid up front line rental deal, next year I will be leaving BT for phone (internet is already with an LLU operator) The recently announced rises in prices and separate charging for "privacy" options (while offering a new "lock in" to retain them for a year for free) has annoyed me and leads me to suspect that the rises/extra charging bands were in part to fund the spending to blackmail sports fans into taking BT broadband - and lets not get into those poor sods on poor quality or long lines that cant support streaming and are thus unable to get a QOS suitable to take BTs own IPTV service - they are just stuffed. I hate bullies and BT is one of the worst - an abusive telco that gets away with stuff that other businesses wouldn't, like the Broadband SFI billing con - they even tried that one on me and I had to waste time clawing back the money (in excess of one hundred pounds) that they KNOWINGLY incorrectly billed. Forget the "separate business b/s, Openreach/wholesale/BT broadband etc.. its ALL BT at the bottom line. :rant:

So there we are, and its
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Re: Moto GP 2013

Postby Lyria on Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:29 pm

I wasn't surprised by Marquez becoming champion, disappointed but not surprised. The writing was on the wall wasn't it?

Cal had another off, that wasn't how it was meant to go, then again maybe it was just another bad thing to happen in a race result I didn't want to see. Lorenzo tried to back Marquez into the pack in the hope something would happen to him, it didn't work. Thankfully he gave up on that bad plan after his coming together with Pedrosa and just showed us instead how fast he was, sadly it wasn't enough to win the championship though.

Yes motogp has gone to BT and that's the end of motogp for me. I can't watch stuff online, I just can't.I could probably fix the computer up to my tv but I won't do that either. I'll just smile as I remember watching it and move on I guess. As for BT themselves, I don't like the road they're going down and the way they treat people who are their customers either, but then I have yet to find a better alternative to be honest. I will not pay to watch motorsport, if F1 goes down the same route in when the contract comes up for renewal in 2018 then I guess I'll have to find another way of filling my time. I won't like it, but that's what I'll have to do.

Thanks for the chats this year Warweezil, much appreciated :thumbs: You have my email address, at least you should have, don't be afraid to use it 8)
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