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MotoGP 2013 Qualification format

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MotoGP 2013 Qualification format

Postby DanyalDenyo on Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:26 pm

Effective 01 January 2013, there will be a new procedure for grid qualification for the MotoGP Class.

New Procedure

1. The three existing sessions of free practice will be unchanged, however, the combined times from those sessions will determine participation in the final qualifying practice.

2. The ten fastest riders will be seeded through to Qualifying Practice 2 (QP2).

3. All other riders will take part in Qualifying Practice 1 (QP1).

4. The fastest two riders in QP1 will progress to QP2, making a total of 12 riders competing for the first 12 grid positions.

5. The riders not in the fastest two places in QP1 will take grid positions 13 and above according to their times in QP1.

New Practice Timings

- Day One
Free Practice 1 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation
Free Practice 2 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation

- Day Two - Morning
Free Practice 3 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation

- Day Two - Afternoon - New Schedule:
Free Practice 4 30 Minutes Not Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation Break 10 Minutes
Qualifying Practice 1 15 minutes
Break 10 Minutes
Qualifying Practice 2 15 minutes

Sporting Regulations

Effective immediately:
The "season" will now be defined as starting on the day after the final race of the year and finishing on the day of the final race of the following year. The reason for this change is that some regulations currently refer to restrictions on activities in a "calendar year". It is thought more relevant to determine that the new season starts with testing etc., immediately after the last race.

One effect of this change is that Manufacturers competing in the MotoGP class will now have to nominate their three designated testing circuits before the conclusion of the last race of the year. Non-factory teams may now use a contracted rider or a non-contracted test rider, approved by Race Direction, to carry out testing using the "test tyre allocation".
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Re: MotoGP 2013 Qualification format

Postby Ciro Pabón on Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:45 am

Confusion is a word that only begins to describe what I felt after reading the previous post, thanks Danyal.

There is no way that MotoGP can have test drivers, isn't it? The establishment is more established by the minute.


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Ciro Pabón
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Re: MotoGP 2013 Qualification format

Postby Paul on Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:00 pm

I only know I'll miss Casey Stoner. The Man who won on a bike that Rossi looked like a rank amatuer on.

Heres to you Casey, and thanks for all the fantastic riding :beer:

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Re: MotoGP 2013 Qualification format

Postby Warweezil on Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:55 pm

I cant help but remember Gollum being interviewed on ITVF1 a few years back (05?) when they had been faffing around with the qually format. and he smiled into the camera and said
"Much better - This is what we want.

Lo and behold - a few races later they announced because of feedback suggesting the fans hated the format - it was being changed (yet again). My view was it probably wasn't playing well for Tv, but thats the other issue. what ever system you bring in - It has to play for TV meaning it has to have to potential to get the audience hooked in.

Not a call I would like to have to make.
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