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2015 Abu Dhabi GP

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Re: 2015 Abu Dhabi GP

Postby Sakae on Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:38 am

Mach wrote:
Sakae wrote:Based on starting grid placement, Ferrari drivers were put on different race strategies, and therefore their pre-race agreement was, they will not race each other, but get out of the way, when they cross paths. Seb had nothing to loose, whereas Kimi was (in theory) battling Bottas (in fact I am not even certain if rules in effect actually permitted pit-wall to radio him "good news"). That explains why Vettel was so accommodating.
Kimi didn't cared about media hyped "Duel-of-the-Finns".... or anyone else in P4 :roll:
Watch Kimi's face, around 6 minutes and 22 second mark, during the post race conference when asked about defeating Bottas :roll:

Kimi wanted to finish P3 or be ready to snatch P2....even the win the race outright if Mercedes Frenemys crash into each other :hit:

Seb starting from P17 meant 2016 season couldn't start soon enough for him :vettel:

Question posed to Kimi about him defeating Bottas was from Turun Sanomats (Finnish paper). Compare this one to some "questions and analyses" British media dance with Hamilton... At least Kimi, in contrast, is not taking this very seriously. P2 in WDC is just a position of first loser in the queue, as someone said long time ago, and Kimi remembers that.
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Re: 2015 Abu Dhabi GP

Postby Mach on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:01 am

Agreed :tophat:
Kimi drives like hell to win not defend WCC P4
"Duel-of-the-Finns" story was a side show
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