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Bye bye Kimi?

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Re: Bye bye Kimi?

Postby Lyria on Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:33 pm

Mach wrote:

In my mind, Kimi's not a donkey. He's a WDC rehired by a top F1 team. Many F1 and non-F1 drivers would give their hind teeth to drive for Ferrari. Plus, said team issued an apology to Kimi upon his return.

I guess only a farm-boy like Ted Kravitz would know what a donkey's really like.

I'm not sure why Damon Hill is so worried? He doesn't have to live up to daddy's expectations anymore.

Only Martin Brundle, within this "respected" group of reporters, would truly know what a #2 driver is. Especially considering Brundle never won a WDC.

I say it's time for the media and would be driver-agents to start slagging some other WDC for a change.

I would then retort with the same venom flavor :hit:

I agree :thumbs:
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Re: Bye bye Kimi?

Postby Sakae on Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:59 pm

Kimi is planning to marry his current partner, Minttu, in first half of next year. (His second marriage).
Best of everything, fellow! Racing job puts strain on relationships, but I guess Minttu knows by now what she is getting into. Will Sebi follow the page from Kimi's book? Minttu is not going to leave him alone.
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