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F1 driver adverts

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F1 driver adverts

Postby SophieB on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:59 am

I'm not sure if this one has any legs but I've made it because I suspect I'm not alone in getting a tiny bit of excitement or amusement at seeing adverts starring F1 drivers as I go about my business. So I've made this thread to collect sightings. Also, it can be a space to just dredge up all the usual embarrassingly awkward print or video campaigns Our Heroes have starred in and made a bit of a dog's breakfast of the job for the forgivable reason that they're athletes rather than actors or models.

So, as mentioned in the Kimi thread, here is Raikkonen on a tram in Melbourne, promoting, I dunno the great smell of Kimi or something I guess.


And, everywhere in Australia, Jenson Button, the latest in the long-running McLaren campaign for Tag Heuer. There was a truly enormous billboard of him outside Sydney airport but I couldn't be arsed to dig my camera out after such a long flight or indeed tell the taxi driver to pull over just so I could get a snap of a massive poster of a driver I find very unappealing anyway. In fact, full disclosure, I have taken against him so much that I quietly (and very childishly) muttered the word "booooo" to my friend each and every time I passed one of his many many posters in Melbourne's international airport going home. Still, as I know I can come off a bit like Kevin McCarthy at the end of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers on this one as he flails about, banging on cars, desperately yelling THE TRUTH, I just took some pictures of the central display in the Melbourne airport so that those who do like him may get some small pleasure from seeing their man.

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